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sigma b-light

Sigma’s Rear Brake Light Makes Installing It Simple


Cycling is a great hobby, but it’s one that has its share of safety concerns. Among them, of course, is being visible at night, and a brake light can be incredibly handy. But a proper brake light is hard to install, and almost always requires a shop visit. Or rather,...

flying machine bike

Flying Machine Uses 3D Printers To Customize Titanium Bikes


We’re a long way off from having 3D printers in our homes, but it’s becoming more and more common in businesses. And the technology is improving more and more, as Flying Machine is showing off with their new, 3D printed titanium bike. Indestructible Titanium is obviously a preferred metal for...


Fly6 Taillight And Camera Protects Cyclists On The Road


If you’re a cyclist, you might have already invested in a helmet camera. Much like Russia’s insurance industry makes owning a dashcam a necessity, cyclists know the value in recording everything that’s happening as they pump pedals. But how do you cover the back end? Fly6 has the answer. Cover...


Pedal Power: Run Your Laptop While Working Out


Using a bicycle to create electricity is nothing new; we’ve all seen pedal generators and bike tools that harvest energy from our sweat. But the Pedal Power makes it a bit more usable around the house. Stationary Desk, Moving Feet Pedal Power is looking to create electricity in two ways....

Cannondale Bad Boy 1

Cannondale Bad Boy 1 Review


ith a single fork design, matte black finish, and 27 gears, Cannondale Bad Boy 1 is one of the most tenacious hybrid bicycles one could ask for.  The front and back tires, which aren’t quite road bike slicks, have been outfitted with hydraulic disc brakes.  That said, the name, Bad...


Rubbee Turns Any Bicycle Into An Electric Bike


Electric bicycles are seemingly the best of both worlds: If your battery runs out, you just start pedaling. They’re also cheap compared to other transportation options. The problem, though, is that they’re still relatively expensive, and using conversion kits generally requires some technological knowhow. Plus you wind up with a...


Touring Quadricycle Lets You Put The Kids Up Front


Sometimes, I think Hammacher Schlemmer is just a front for some guy who wants to import weird bicycles but is somehow embarrassed about it. These are the guys importing a bar powered by cycling, drinking patrons, after all. By that standard, the Touring Quadracycle isn’t quite so odd… but it’s...

Carbon Fiber 6lb Bicycle

6lb Carbon Fiber Road Bicycle Is The Lightest Ever


If you just plunked down a hefty amount of cash on what was billed as a “light weight bicycle”, you might wanna think again. This nameless bike from Fairwheel weighs a hefty 6lbs.  That’s about 9lbs lighter than most professional road racing bikes.  Course, road racing bikes, in the professional...