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BigBoy 4 Person BiCycle

BigBoy: A 4 Person Bicycle (video)

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Looking for some comradery on your bike ride?  Sure, you could opt for a tandem bike, but why bother when you can sit with three of your best buds on the BigDog bike.  Unfortunately, this thing isn’t commercially available so that dream of rolling to the bars with three of...

15mm wrench ulock

Convert Your U-Lock Bike Lock With This Tool

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When I’m on my bicycle I try to minimize my weight, which means leaving behind whatever tools or gear I don’t need.  This U-Lock tool converts any Evolution and Gray Kryptonite lock into a 15mm hex wrench, perfect for cranking your fixie’s axle nut.  Thanks to their forward thinking design...


Magtenlight: Magnetically Powered Bike Lights


Dynamo powered lights have been around almost as long as the bicycle has had gears.  One problem?  Most if not all of them had to make physical contact with a spinning wheel to be powered, that is until now.  Enter the Magtenlight.  It uses the same dynamo tech, but instead...

Sanyo Eneloop Bikes

Sanyo Refreshes Eneloop Bicycle, Now Captures More Energy


Too bad I’ll probably never ride Sanyo’s Eneloop Bike, but that can probably be said for the majority.  In any event, the company felt it necessary to update the recently announced bicycle.  Now, instead of just capturing power during acceleration and downhill glides, the Eneloop bike will ‘sip’, as in...

Spokeless Bike

A Spokeless Bicycle


I’ve been seeing pics of this spokeless rear wheel bicycle all week, and now I’m conceding and posting on it.  That isn’t to say it isn’t cool as shit, though, because it totally is. It reminds me of the Hubless Chopper (as in motorcycle) that we saw last year. The...

Full Automated Bicycle Parking Garage (video)

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[GR]wE4fvwTBtno[/GR] Tokyo, Japan has long been a place with a massive population and a small amount of land.  So as you can imagine they’re always inventing new ways to store their worldly positions without displacing their living space. The multistory computerized bike parking garage is just one of those things...


Inner City Bike Designed Without Rider In Mind


OK, so while this bike looks interesting enough, it also looks really for lack of a better adjective, stupid.  With the last decade seeing rise to the fixed gear bike (much to my disdain), this bike seems to absolutely epitomize that design mindset with a little impracticality thrown in for...


E-Werk Turns Your Bike Into A Power Plant


If you’ve ever wondered how you could do more to help save the planet with your morning bicycle commute, then look no more, o ecologically aware one; we’ve got the solution for you! It’s called the E-Werk, and it’s from Germany.  Those of you hearing Vince from ShamWow declare that...


Sanyo Applies Enloop Battery Tech To Bike


Primarily used in consumer grade batteries, Sanyo’s Enloop battery technology has been applied to a bicycle.  The Enloop bike can assist the rider for up to 100km by providing 70% of the power and tops out at 15km/h.  3 speeds are available as well as 3 assist modes.  I’d assume...