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N’Lock Lock Secures Your Bike From Thieves


If your bicycle is your only mode of transportation in your city, then you probably already own a bike lock. But what if we tell you that your bike is probably getting evil eyes from those just waiting to steal it. You’d definitely want a better lock, right? Well your...


Stemlock Protects Your Bike From Being Stolen


Thieves don’t care if you have a lock on your bike because they’re find a way to pick it. Keep you bike safe and sound from conniving thieves while out in the city with Stemlock from the French company IXOW! The device internally disconnects your bike’s handlebar stem from its fork,...


The Sandwichbike Ships In Pieces


When you buy a bike, you buy it full assembled. But the people behind the Sandwichbike didn’t like the expensive shipping rates of fully assembled bikes and came up with their own fix…the Sandwichbike. Built from a “sandwich” of two weather-coated frames of plywood then bonded together with “smart cylinders,”...

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