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Camera Flask

Hide Your Booze In The Camera Flask


  Holiday parties are around the corner, as well as tailgating parties and lots of sporting events with hockey, football and basketball in full effect, which means lots of chances to get your drink on! But if you don’t want to dish out loads of cash on watered down drinks...


WANTED: CafeDrops Liquid Caffeine Additive


Redbull is akin to drinking cough syrup. And Monster is just too damn obnoxious – screaming colors and all – to place that overly large can to my lips.  In fact, the only caffeine I now drink is Green Tea.  It has less caffeine than coffee and is said to...

Rock and Roll Jug Server

Roll n’ Pour Rocking Beverage Server


While the Roll n’ Pour rocking beverage server is a laughable product by most accounts, consider the implications for the elderly or those with mobility issues.  It’s a bit hard to tell from the pictures alone, but it looks like it only accepts half gallon jugs.  Thank God it’s only...