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Belt Transforms Into A Scooter


Is it a scooter or a belt? Actually it’s both! Although the two seem like two totally different things that don’t make sense as one, designer Adam Torok thought outside the box and decided to combine the two with his new creation – the Collapsable Belt Scooter. Fully Functional Belt...

Smart Belt Buckle Wallet

Smart Belt Buckle Wallet


Carrying a wallet in a pocket can be a burden for some guys. First there’s that bulge, which can sometimes be uncomfortable depending on how big or fat your wallet is. Then there’s the fear of getting pickpocketed by someone using their super sleek street skills to snag your cash...

Buckle Puffer Belt

The Buckle Puffer Belt Hides a Magnetic Pipe in a Belt

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Smoking from a soda can might have been an acceptable apparatus in high school.  Hardly the case in college and beyond.  That said, the soda can is a formidable smoking tool since it can be acquired and manufactured accordingly just about anywhere.  Gross, but just look for a trashcan. Leveraging the above...

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