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GR Daily Deals: FTL $4 and a 23-inch IPS monitor for $150


Star Trek meets FireFly in the popular Faster Than Light PC Indie game. Today only GoG has it for $3.99. That’s the lowest price ever by $1 and $6 off the usual $9.99 price. Unlike some recently released games [*cough* SimCity *cough*] there’s no online only hassle since this is...


Light Up Beer Pong Table


At GadgetReview we’re no stranger to Beer Pong or copious drinking.  That’s why I’m ordering me one of these Light Up Beer Pong tables as soon as I rent an office to put it in.  Each table is built to order and comes with recessed light up cup holders, strobe...


Badass Portable Beer Pong Table: Port O Pong

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For $50 you’ll extend your summer time drinking stupidity and elevate it to a whole new level thanks to the Port O Pong beer pong inflatable table. Is it me, or does it look like that chick is about to snap in half. Available here [Crunchgear]...