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Fresh Beer Only Is The Only App Beer Nerds Need


If you love beer, you quickly discover that something that should be simple, namely the appreciation of fermented grain, is a complicated, messy business. Styles and marketing terms become interchangeable; breweries are bought out by other breweries; styles rise and just as quickly retire. And, most annoyingly, most breweries won’t...


Arctican Keeps Your Beer Can Cool in the Summer Sun


As the hotter months come along, it gets hard to keep a can chilled when you want to enjoy it in the sun. Corkcicle has a solution for that – a high-tech Arctican koozie that includes self-cooling properties. First, this koozie looks cool: It has a dark gray, rubberized appearance...


Brewie: The First Fully Automated Home-Brewery


If there’s one thing I know about, it’s beer. I’ve tried hundreds of different brews, and my goal is to hit a thousand before I die (I’m at 393 to date). But one thing that never interested me was home-brewing. It’s not that I wouldn’t love to be able to...


Football Season Demands A Beer Freeze On Sundays


Football season is BACK! You know what that means… fantasy football leagues, lazy Sundays rooting for your favorite NFL team (or Saturdays tailgating at your number one college team’s game) and, of course, beer! As you watch your team dominate on the Gridiron this NFL season, do it with a...


SYNEK Is Like A Keurig For Craft Beer On Tap (video)


Happy hour is now in the comfort of your own home when you have the SYNEK draft system on your kitchen countertop, providing you fresh-from-the-tap beer whenever you want it! Coffee lovers have Keurig and now beer lovers have SYNEK. The Kickstarter campaign for the draft system provides beer enthusiasts...


eCool Chills Your Beer And Saves Electricity


Beer drinking has officially become a way to save the earth…well sort of. The eCool beer cooler works like none other you have ever seen before. Instead of using the fridge to cool off your brewskies, it uses the soil to chill them off. Yup, you read that right…soil, as...