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Astronaut Bed Sheets Send Dreams To Mars and Beyond

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Bed Sheets have no technical prowess.  They’re slabs of cotton, often printed with the most benign of patterns.  However, I’m willing to make exception for the Zombie Bed Sheets, and now I can add these to the list: the Astronaut Bed Sheets. They’re made of 100% cotton, which is a...

earthquake proof bed

This Earthquake Proof Bed Might Save Your Life

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If you’re a denizen of the West Coast, you know that the chance of a big earthquake is an ever-present risk. That’s why this quake-proof bed is such a cool idea. Designed by a man named Wang Wenxi, the bed has a slide-out board to protect yourself from falling debris,...


Sleep In 8-Bit Style With This Pixelated Bed


Live in 8-Bit style with this cool design for a pixelated bed. Designed by Spanish Cristian Zuzunaga for Swedish mattress company Hastens as part of a Wallpaper Magazine showcase, this bed has a colorful “rainbow pixel” style. Despite it’s retro appearance, though, it contains fine materials like horsehair, linen, wool, cotton, and solid...


Hollandia iCon Is A Luxury Bed For Your iPad


For the uber rich, Hollandia has released a new bed called the iCon which features a custom headboard with integrated docking ports and speakers for your iPad, in addition to its Therapedic 3D comfort mattress. The headboard boasts 4 speakers and a 250-watt amplifier. Now, something I picked up on...


Star Wars Y-Wing Bedroom Set That Flies


Generally speaking, most movie inspired beds are planted firmly on the ground, as most sleeping apparatuses should be.  A father, who clearly has an obsession with all things Star Wars is reliving his childhood vicariously through his kid by constructing an almost to scale, floating Y-wing bedroom platform.   It even...