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Monster’s Diddybeats Headphones Hit Stores Gangster Style


Sean “Diddy” Combs entered the headphone world this week with the release of his Diddybeats, from Monster. Diddybeats are in-ear headphones that promise the same sort of audio quality as Dre Beats, since their under his line, with “deep bass tones” and “high frequency production.” I haven’t used them personally,...


HP Envy 14 And 17 Announced, Envy 13 Discontinued


HP’s Envy line of notebooks has had its share of fans and critics since its launch last year. They were stylish but expensive, seeking to bring Apple’s aluminum MacBook Pro design to PCs, but trackpad issues and the lack of a disc drive had some critics rolling. Now, HP is...


Monster Converts Beats Headphones Into Red Sox Edition


Dr. Dre and Lebron James of all awesome people were at Fenway Park last night to allegedly get press for the new Monster Cable Beats Red Sox Edition.  Looking ridiculously sharp and eye catching, they will also run you a cool $400. But that’s nothing when it comes to team...

Samsung BEATb

Samsung to Launch BEATs and BEATb Music Phones


Samsung is launching two new music phones.  Both BEATs (which is a slider phone)  and BEATb (which is a bar style phone) have a few interesting features.  They both can use the Shazam’s music finding program to look up a song and find the name and artist and then download it for you...