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Split X 2 Main

HP Split X 2 Review

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on’t be fooled — people aren’t moving away from notebooks in favor of tablets, but they ARE expecting the power of a notebook shouldn’t come at the expense of features only a tablet can provide. So the solution is to combine both notebook and tablet in one. That’s the idea...


iPhone 4S vs HTC Rezound (comparison)


It seems that the plot thickens in the race for smartphone superiority with the entrance of a new challenger, the HTC Rezound. With some pretty stiff competition in the marketplace, the Rezound boasts some pretty cool capabilities and specs, but how does it measure up amongst Apple’s still popular iPhone...


Samsung Beat DJ Phone Walk Through (video)


You might have forgotten about the Samsung Beat DJ phone, but fear not, because the fine folks at PhoneArena did a video walk through.  I’d say at best the phone looks halfway finished.  The UI is really jumpy and far from smooth.  The DJ features, although cool are pretty damn...