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Jaxx Pivot Bean Bag Chair Review


When we think about outfitting a man cave, all too often we focus on the gadgets and gizmos that we can throw in to it; what super huge television would look best, how many game systems are too many, where to put the kegerator, etc – but we can overlook...

Cellphone Bean Bag Chair

Beanbag Smartphone Chair


The abuse that smartphones receive is probably not what the manufacturer intended.  Hence why we’ve seen more than our fair share of broken screens.  While the majority of this damage is the result of an unintentional drop, there is no putting aside the wear and tare your handset receives by...


The Shark Bean Bag Wants To Eat Your Ass (video)

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Bear with me for a sec and think Cookie Monster.  Yeah, this Cookie Monster: yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. The shark bean bag chair is both brilliant and scary.  And how fitting that an Australian retailer should carry it.  You know, because they surf a lot and from my understanding...