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Element Indoor Smokeless BBQ

The Element Indoor Smokeless BBQ


Created by Joshua Brassé, the Element Indoor Smokeless BBQ allows you to be the grill master you’ve always wanted without having to go out side to BBQ! The smokeless cooking system uses gas or electric stove element to heat lava rocks, which then re-creates that delicious BBQ flavor you love!...

Human Mosquito Trap

Human Breath Mosquito Trap


Warding off mosquitoes is serious business in some parts of the world.  For the sake of relatability, take the East coast of the US.  This part of the country is usually saturated in summer months thanks to humid and hot weather, the ideal breeding ground for these blood suckers.  The result...

Adjustable Grill Light

BBQ LED Grill Light


Summer is almost here and that means, sun, beach, beers and GRILLING…and hopefully girls in skimpy bikinis!  But there is nothing worse than over cooking that fine piece of meat.  This largely happens when you don’t have the proper lighting for night time cooking and the would be burgers turn...

Grill Humidifier

Moistly Grilled Cast Iron Grill Humidifier


Say what now?  Grill enthusiasts worldwide might have heard about using humidifiers for cooking but I sure haven’t.  This awesome sounding cast iron grill humidifier from Sur La Table is basically a box that rests on the grill and emits steam that infuses the meat that you’re grilling. Fill the...


Digital Tongs Make Any BBQ A Bit(e) More Tech


I always hate admitting that summer is almost over.  To help enjoy these fleeting days of carefree meat eating comes a set of Digital BBQ Tongs to ravish your grill marked eatables.  Using a backlit LED screen, the tongs pierce the meat and display the internal temperature 5 seconds after...