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Mon Oncle Portable Briefcase Grill

Briefcase Turns Into A Portable BBQ


Be BBQ ready this summer with the Mon Oncle Portable Briefcase Grill that allows you to be the grill master everywhere you go. On the outside, the grill looks like a vintage, classic briefcase – like one that a character from “Mad Men” would use. But when you open it...

BBQ Dragon Fire Supercharger main

BBQ Dragon Fire Supercharger Review


ot having snow and cold weather isn’t the only benefit of living on the West Coast (Southern California in particular); there’s also the ability to barbecue all year round. But just because the potential to do so is there doesn’t mean that doing a BBQ right is a given: most...

Hot Dog Griller

Make Hot Dogs the 7-11 Way With this Handy Tool


Cooking hot dogs isn’t exactly rocket science.  However, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rolled a dog to its death in my attempts to rotate it such as to achieve even cooking. The Man Law Hot Dog Griller lays on top of your grill and thanks to a...


Cook Anything Under The Sun With The SolSource Grill

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One Earth Designs wants to change the way you cook with their Kickstarter campaign for their SolSource sun-powered grill. By harnessing the power of the sun, the revolutionary sun-powred grill eliminates the need for fuel and doesn’t emit any emissions, while allowing for a fast cleanup and a quick heat...


QUQUQ Cooks Up Campingbox Car Camper Conversion Kit (Video)


Here’s something cool for the outdoors-y SUV owner who still has a few extra feet of used space in their favorite gas guzzler. It’s the QUQUQ Campingbox: Car Camper conversion kit. With it you can convert any ordinary van or SUV into a feature-packed camper-ready kitchen, replete with storage compartments...

handrail grill

The Bruce Handrail Grill Fits On Your Balcony

Living in a small apartment may be cheap, but it has its downfalls… Not enough space, no yard, small balcony, thin walls, etc. And not having a a large enough balcony to house your BBQ might really suck for those who enjoy their food cooked on the grill. Well, that...