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Rocket Man Vs. Rally Car

Rocket Man Vs. Rally Car (video)


BBC’s “Top Gear” automotive show is always pitting some of the world’s fastest cars against some unusual vehicles. For their episode 5,  Richard Hammond races rocket-powered flying man Yves Rossy against a rally-spec Skoda. It’s an adrenaline-filled race that’s a must see! Check out the video to see who’s faster! [GR]2C4FYc31rcI[/GR]...

Jet Pack Swing

Jet Pack Swing Set, Is A Full Loop Possible? (video)


We first saw the guys from the TV show “Bang Goes The Theory” climbing up the side of a building two years ago using a home made suction system scraped together from household parts.  Now, they’re back again and answering the childhood question of whether or not you can go...


A Giant Air Gun Knocks Down A House (video)

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BBC’s newest show, Bang Goes The Theory, is off to what the Brits would call a ‘smashing starting’.  Last week we saw the show’s host scale a building with what were supposedly home made vacuum cleaner suction gloves.  Now he has pieced together a vortex cannon that fires a powerful...