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PoweriSite Turns Your DeWalt Battery Into An iPhone Charger


If you’re remotely handy, or just like power tools, you’ve probably got a few DeWalt batteries lying around. High capacity and heavy-duty, their usefulness is only limited by the fact that, well, they only work with DeWalt tools. Unless, of course, you’ve got a PoweriSite. Drill To USB The PoweriSite...

Powerstation XL

Mophie’s Powerstation XL Packs A Crazy 12,000mAH


Looking to charge all your devices with on convenient charger this new year? Then look no further than Mophie’s Power station XL that’s made to charge smartphones, tablets and USB devices. It’s the longest lasting universal battery that’s currently available today thanks to its 12,000mAh battery. You can easily charge...


Powerocks Magicstick Adds Power To Your Phone


It happens to all of us, at some point. We’re at a bar, at a party, somewhere with no easy access to an outlet, and we discover our phone has died. The Powerocks Magicstick wants to solve that problem. Power In Your Pocket Essentially the Magicstick is a platform agnostic...


Upp: Your Own Personal Hydrogen Fuel Cell


Hydrogen fuel cells are, in a word, awesome. The fuel is cheap, as hydrogen isn’t exactly a hard thing to find. They don’t pollute; the byproducts are mostly water and heat. But they’re also hard to manage properly in terms of tracking fuel and to shrink in size. Which is,...


Aspect Solar Charges You Up No Matter Where You Are


As electronics become more and more important, there comes a problem with them: Keeping the things fully charged so you can keep using them. It’s a problem Aspect Solar is working on, and they’ve got two products out there to ensure you’re always juiced. The Sunsocket First, obviously, is the...


Cota Might Finally Make Wireless Power A Reality


One of the greatest dreams of Nicola Tesla was, literally, wireless electricity. Power, everywhere, no matter what your location, no matter what your gadget. And it looks like Cota might be the first step to making that dream a reality. Power Without Wires It’s not really as weird as you...