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How to Maximize Your iPhone 6 Battery


If you have an iPhone 6, iPhone battery life is no doubt important to you. The last thing you want is your phone to fail in the middle of a business project, or partway through an evening out. Here are the best tips on how to save iPhone battery power...

macbook pro

How to Maximize Your Apple MacBook Pro Laptop’s Battery


There are several factors that contribute to an Apple MacBook Pro battery life and lifespan. These primarily revolve around the way you have it configured and your habits when using it. Following these steps should help you get the most from your laptop’s battery and optimize its performance. 1. Adjust...

Galaxy S4 vs HTC One

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs. HTC One (comparison)


It’s comparison time, folks. But this one is far from predictable. If you thought our last comparison was a heated contest, then you should prepare for a scorcher in this grueling battle. Just a couple weeks back we pit the sleeping giant iPhone 5 against the new HTC One hottie. The...

ipad 3 vs Surface

Microsoft Surface vs. Apple iPad (comparison)


The Microsoft Surface tablet is big news. So big, in fact, that it may revolutionize how we use tablet computers altogether. But the same was said about the iPad, and although we see that that claim isn’t exactly true, the iPad is by far the best tablet available. The iPad...

Maximize Battery Power

11 Way to Maximize your Gadget’s Battery Life (how to)

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With the heatwave that is hitting the country this month, electrical grids are pushed to the maximum. As such, brown outs are common. But when you have no electricity at all, how can you guarantee that your smart phone or tablet’s battery will go the distance? Here’s a few tips...

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5 Reasons Why Nintendo Lacks Depth – The 3DS


Nintendo recently showed off the 3DS to press in New York, revealing almost everything there is to know about the latest handheld from the world leader in mobile gaming. Now, however, they are making a huge mistake with the 3DS, and the company is doomed to failure for five very...