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Power Pen

The Power Pen: Charge Your Phone AND Write


If you ask any businessman or businesswoman what their two most valuable things in the office are, they’ll likely tell you a pen and their smartphone. Of course, you can’t use your smartphone if the battery dies halfway through the day. That’s where the Power Pen comes in, an ingenious pairing of...

iOS 5

iOS 5 to Deliver Over-the-air Updates?


According to sources close to Apple, the company will begin to provide software updates over the air waves. What does this mean to you?  No longer will you have to plug in your handset into your computer, launch iTunes, download the update and then install it.  Instead, your phone will...

apple battery charger

Apple’s Latest Gadget Is A Battery Charger


Yes, you read that headline right. I didn’t know the day would come where I’d be writing about a battery charger on here…but hey, it’s Apple, and it fits nicely into the rest of this morning’s posts. Designed for all their AA-powered peripherals, which now include the Magic Mouse, Magic...