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This Battery Case Is Completely Waterproof

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There’s nothing else like the Mophie Juice Pack H2PRO battery case on the market right now. Smartphone battery cases are very convenient, especially if you’re an obsessive cell phone user, or in my case, work and do most things online. Checking email, social media, texting, phone calls, they all drain...

SpyderStyle i5d-0516

SpiderStyle i5d iPhone Battery Case Review


I’ve written numerous times about the atrocious battery life the iPhone 5 and 5s get. It’s a daily struggle for me; as an app developer it was awful. As a journalist it’s terrible. And as someone who only uses it for checking emails occasionally and playing with new apps? Still...

Jackery iPhone 5s Battery Case

Jackery Leaf Premium iPhone 5s Battery Case Review


The iPhone 5s’s battery ain’t half bad. In fact, the average user can probably go a whole day and then some without a recharge. Not so, though, for those that chat, text, Instagram, or watch videos on the handheld device. If the case is such, you’ll be scrambling for a...


TopoCharger Case Transforms Your iPhone Into A GPS Mapping Device


Every major smartphone comes with GPS tracking capabilities, helping users find their way while travelling or during their daily travelling routine in cities and highways. However, there are times when you don’t have GPS connectivity, and there’s no way for you to find the directions using your smartphone, unless you’re...

Odoyo Power+Shell EX iPhone 5s Battery Case Review2

Odoyo Power+Shell EX iPhone 5s Battery Case Review

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nother day, another iPhone case.  Well, in truth, another iPhone battery case that is compatible with both the 5 and 5s.  If you ask me, a battery pack for a smartphone is a must have.  And not just for the purpose of charging your phone on the go.  They’re extremely...

Justin Power Case-0042

Justin Power Case iPad Case Review


If your name is Justin, then I apologize that Innovative Technology is massacring your name like this. Then again, you probably deserve it. Why didn’t you get a better name? The Justin Power Case is an iPad 2/3/4 case that has one purpose: provide a ridiculous amount of power to...

Mophie Helium Juice Pack-002

Mophie Juice Pack Helium Review

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I’ve been waiting for it and finally Mophie’s first iPhone 5 battery case has arrived.  It’s called the Helium Juice Pack and boasts 1,500 mAh, the same capacity as the iPhone 5’s battery.  It weighs 2.44oz and measures 2.49″ wide by 5.49″ long by 0.59″ thick.  So this means your iPhone 5,...