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Pronto Can Charge Your iPhone Five Times After Charging An Hour


We all need more battery power in our lives. It’s just the way of the world; we’ve got battery-hogging devices in our pockets and stuffed into various bags and sacks that we carry around with us. We need more power, and we need it to charge up quickly. Hence, Pronto...

BikeConsole PowerPlus Mount

BikeConsole Power Plus Mount Review


ike riders are increasingly putting their smartphones onto the handlebars — how else can they take advantage of apps and GPS and yes, even phone calls. But the case protecting a phone that’s traveling on a pair of wheels needs more than just a solid construction: it has to be...

BikeCHARGE Power Pack main

Bike2Power BikeCHARGE Rechargeable Power Pack Review


ell phones and bicycles started out as enemies — what old-school cyclist doesn’t remember the first time their phone rang in a pocket and they had to stop to answer it? So okay, a pair of wired headphones could take care of that, and after another couple of years that...