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Top 5 iPhone Battery Backups

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The iPhone has become one of the most popular smartphones on the market today.  But, like many of today’s handsets that boast powerful processors, wireless connectivity and large touchscreens, the iPhone is plagued with a sometimes unreasonably short battery life.  To help you extend your iPhone’s battery, especially when in...


Mophie Juice Pack Air Rechargeable Battery Case Review


At this point every iPhone owner should be aware of the rechargeable battery pack.  Several companies have their own take on the product thus giving the consumer a bevy of choices.  GadgetReview has reviewed the last two incarnations of the Mophie Juice Pack and today we’ll take a look at...


iPWR SuperPack External iPhone Battery


Clearly one of the downsides of any touchscreen phone is a short battery life.  And since the iPhone is THE touchscreen phone it’s only fitting that we see an endless array of accessories to address this and other issues.  Just recently iPWR introduced its new iPWR SuperPack external battery charger. ...