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iPhone 4 Catches Fire

iPhone 4 Catches Fire During Charging


Today, it seems inevitable that batteries inside of portable products will blow up or catch on fire.  Sure, the majority of them will be fine, but with massive product appeal odds are that something is bound happen.  Case in point is the iPhone 4. An AT&T store employee says that...


The Days Of Battery Frustration Are Over With “Instaload” Tech


When more and more gadgets went from AA & AAA batteries to rechargeable non-replaceable ones, I thought my days of frustration and yelling were over. That wasn’t the case, though, since plenty of wireless mice and other gadgets still use replaceable batteries to power themselves. Besides having to go out...

Mophie Juicek Pack Boost

Mophie Outs Juice Pack Power Station, Boost And Reserve


Mophie hit the market as an innovator, but now it would seem that they’ve been relegated to producing run of the mill battery packs.  Today, the company announced the juice pack reserve, boost and power station.  I can’t find a picture or details of the power station, but it’s presumably...

Orange Power Wellies

These Hot Boots Can Charge Your Portable Devices


Orange UK has once again partnered with GotWind to develop yet another conceptual product that will probably never see the light of day.  The Orange Power Wellies can charge up your gadgets thanks to a built-in battery and some new fangled tech that can convert temperature changes into power.  So...

Icon iPhone Battery

iPhone Battery Pack Mimics iPhone Icon


Nothing better than some Vaporware than on a Friday.  A company called Essential TPE says they’ve got plans for an iPhone battery pack that mimics the iPhone’s battery icon.  It plugs into the 30-pin dock connector and using EL film on its front panel it displays the battery juice as...

Hypermac iPad

Hypermac External Batteries Now iPad Compatible

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Hypermac, who makes some beefy external batteries for all things Apple portable, has updated their Hypermac batteries to work with the iPad. Here is how it breaks down: MBP-060: 34 hours ($200) MBP-100: 50 hours ($300) MBP-150: 70 hours ($400) MBP-222: 98.8 hours ($500) So for $500 you can travel...

mophie-juicepack air ipod Touch

Mophie Finally Launches Juice Pack Air For iPod Touch


It’s not the knock me down Friday news that we look for, but a product announcement nonetheless.  Yesterday, Mophie launched the Juice Pack Air for the iPod Touch.  An iPhone version has existed for sometime, but Mophie finally found the time to modify the battery’s form factor to fit the...