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The Toddler Batmobile Stroller

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I love all things Batman and my children, but this dad might be taking “nerdy dad” to a whole new level. How about a stroller designed and engineered after the Tumbler Batmobile from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy? Tim Baker and the rest of the crew at Super-Fan Builds has created the...


Street-Legal Batmobile Made By Australian Hero


There’s Batman fans – and then there’s Australian fan Zac Mihajlovic, who has topped everyone by building his own street-legal Batmobile. The 29-year-old modeled the car after the 1989 Batman film’s Batmobile, and it looks incredibly accurate. Part of the reason is that Mihajlovic went the extra bat-mile and sourced...


The Batmobile Gets A Makeover In Zack Synder Film


So, you already know that Batman will finally make an appearance alongside Superman in the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice flick. Well, director Zack Znyder has released an official photo of his new Batmobile. The photo was released via a tweet last week with “Here’s a real picture...


Batman Gets His Own, Lighter-Powered Branding Iron


Have you ever found yourself thinking “Man, this wood, paper, or similar object that can accept a char could really use the Batman symbol on it, but I have no convenient way of doing that?” No? Yeah, us either. It’s probably the least asked question in human history, right there....


Hit The Golf Course In The Mini-Tumbler Batcart


If Batman played golf, he’d probably show up on the back nine in this Mini-Tumbler Batcart! It’s a golf cart made to look like Batman’s Tumbler made by Macr Irvin of Marc’s Creation company for the movie director/producer Ray Griggs. The customized cart has actually been seen driving around movie...