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batmobile stroller

The Toddler Batmobile Stroller


I love all things Batman and my children, but this dad might be taking “nerdy dad” to a whole new level. How about a stroller designed and engineered after the Tumbler Batmobile from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy? Tim Baker and the rest of the crew at Super-Fan Builds has created the...


Street-Legal Batmobile Made By Australian Hero


There’s Batman fans – and then there’s Australian fan Zac Mihajlovic, who has topped everyone by building his own street-legal Batmobile. The 29-year-old modeled the car after the 1989 Batman film’s Batmobile, and it looks incredibly accurate. Part of the reason is that Mihajlovic went the extra bat-mile and sourced...


The Batmobile Gets A Makeover In Zack Synder Film


So, you already know that Batman will finally make an appearance alongside Superman in the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice flick. Well, director Zack Znyder has released an official photo of his new Batmobile. The photo was released via a tweet last week with “Here’s a real picture...


Batman Gets His Own, Lighter-Powered Branding Iron


Have you ever found yourself thinking “Man, this wood, paper, or similar object that can accept a char could really use the Batman symbol on it, but I have no convenient way of doing that?” No? Yeah, us either. It’s probably the least asked question in human history, right there....

Ultimate Collector's Series Batman Tumbler

Holy Smokes Batman! The New LEGO Batman Tumbler Is Huge (pics)


LEGO is upping their Batman set game with their Ultimate Collector’s Series Batman Tumbler that’s needed for any serious collector. Set to go on sale later this September for $200, the set has 1,869 pieces and is built to minifig scale, which means that it’s pretty big at 15 x...


Video of the Day: Batman’s Wolverine Claws (video)


If Batman had claws, this is what it would look like....

batmobile tumbler

Batmobile Tumbler Replica Sells for $1 Million, Totally Street Legal


Somewhere a huge Batman fan is relishing in his (or her) big splurge…a totally street-legal Batmobile Tumbler replica that recently sold for a whopping $1 million on a luxury goods site. The replica was from Batman Begins (directed by Christopher Nolan and starred Christian Bale, in case you’ve been living...


Hit The Golf Course In The Mini-Tumbler Batcart


If Batman played golf, he’d probably show up on the back nine in this Mini-Tumbler Batcart! It’s a golf cart made to look like Batman’s Tumbler made by Macr Irvin of Marc’s Creation company for the movie director/producer Ray Griggs. The customized cart has actually been seen driving around movie...

Boys Batman Wish

Video of the Day: Real Life Batkid Takes on the Riddler Thanks to Make A Wish (video)


No criminal will ever be safe in the city of San Francisco with the Batkid on the prowl!  Seriously, though, this is super adorable....

Batman The Dark Knight Adult Joker Latex Clown Mask

Clown Around This Halloween With The Batman The Dark Knight Joker Latex Clown Mask


For those last minute Halloween costumer shoppers, here’s a great idea for your next costume! Show up to your Halloween parties in the Batman The Dark Knight Joker Latex Clown Mask that’s a frightful version of the scariest (and probably coolest) super villain ever! If you’re not familiar with the mask,...

Batman Superman Films In LA

Upcoming Superman Vs. Batman Movie Begins Production in Los Angeles


It’s official…! The upcoming Superman vs. Batman crossover hero flick and sequel to this past summer’s blockbuster, Man of Steel,  is in production and will be filming this weekend in the City of Angels (L.A. for those of you who are not familiar with the city’s moniker). Although full production...