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Corcel Carbon Fiber Bathtub

Corcel N°1 Carbon Fiber Bathtub (video)


So what does it take to get your tike to jump in the bath?  Do you have to beg and plead with the little guy until he succumbs to your woes and whims?  We’re not saying that this carbon fiber bathtub will make the process any easier, but if you’re a...

Pomme Bathrub Speaker

Self Contained Waterproof Pomme Bath Speaker


Taking the message in a bottle concept and adapting it to a music in a bathtub type scenario, the Self Contained Waterproof Pomme Bath Speaker will help your tunes float by when taking a hot and steamy…bath.  Strictly Japanese at this point, the Bath Speaker is available in 3 different...


Stick This Fish In Your Hole


I’m gonna have to agree that this might just be the coolest bath tub plug known to man.  It fits any hole (no snickers, please) and costs just $11.99, a nominal price to pay to keep your small ones entertained.  Pair this up with a few of those art nouveau...


The i-sopod Relaxation Tub Emulates Weightlessness


Don’t worry, the i-sopod had me scratching my head with intrigue as well.  In laymen terms it’s ‘spaceship meets bathtub’.  By adding a crap load of salt to water, the user floats inside providing a tranquil and relaxing experience that emulates the sensation of weightlessness.  The interior is lined with...