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4 Features Of Wilson’s Upcoming Smart Basketball (list/video)

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Wilson isn’t divulging much about its upcoming Smart Basketball device, just a few tidbits on their website. The basketball shot tracker is supposed to help wannabe NBA players, street court mavericks and general basketball enthusiasts improve their shot while also analyzing vital performance stats to help improve their game. Technical...


ShotTracker Follows Your Performance On The Basketball Court


Wearable tech is nothing new for athletes. Tennis players have sensor-laden racquets, hockey players have units for their sticks, and now basketball players have a sensor set of their very own. You Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don’t Take ShotTracker combines two sets of sensors and an app, for...


InfoMotion’s 94Fifty Sensor Basketball


For ballers out there, InfoMotion’s 94Fifty Sensor Basketball will help them monitor and even enhance their basketball performance thanks to their unique ball that sports sensors and the accompanying app. The sensors inside the ball are programmed to recognize and measure stuff you can’t see with the human eye, measuring stuff useful...


Spaulding iHoop Is Basketball Meets iPod


Have companies no shame? The Spalding iHoop is your standard issue basketball net and stand with an iPod dock (compatible with other MP3 players), speakers and subwoofer built-in to its base. The speakers are made of marine grade plastic to insure they last through rain, humidity [...]...