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NOOK Tablet Now in 8GB for Only $199

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Barnes & Noble has released a lower-priced NOOK Tablet that will offer 8GB and be priced at $199, which is the same price that the Kindle Fire is going for. The cheaper version of the NOOK will be identical to its 16GB big brother, but unlike the Kindle Fire, will...

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Kindle Fire vs Nook Tablet (comparison)


With the holiday season fast approaching us, it’s the battle of the lower-priced tablets with Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet that are both coming out next week.  With the popularity of tablets increasing, more and more companies are adding tablets to their model range, as they...

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Barnes & Noble Nook Color Hybrid E-Reader Tablet


Presumed to retail for $250, Barnes & Nobles Nook Color will be something of a hybrid between a tablet and an e-reader. It won’t have an e-ink screen, instead featuring a 7-inch color LCD touchscreen, which will be made by LG and have an anti-glare coating. This lets the Nook...