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Bandai Smart Pants

Smart Pants Brings Underwear To Market For Your iPhone


It may not be evident to you, but Siri has apparently been giving away the goods every time you check your email or surf the web. Bandai, the Japanese video game maker, has developed underpants for the iPhone that cover up that sweet spot we all call the home button....


Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Review


[Rating: 2/5] Pros: Some of the best character development and dialog this year Cons: Gameplay, combat and platforming are all lacking The 7-hour campaign is short lived and not interesting enough to want to play through Stagnant plot, no real reason for players to keep playing after an hour Enslaved:...


Bandai’s New Hyper Telescope For The Kids


As a positive alternative to video games, Bandai has just announced their new Hyper Telescope for Japanese markets.  Capable of identifying over 1,000 objects, the Hyper Telescope uses a live “tracking system” LCD display to inform kids what they’re looking at while they’re looking at it. It’s sort of like...