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First Look: iOmega Superhero Dock Backup And Charger (video)

[GR]5sVUnt9L6ik[/GR] We don't know why, but plugging in the iPhone into a computer to back up contacts and other media is a drag to say the least.  However, plugging in your iPhone to charge the device is a must and a no braine...
APC Pro Backups
APC Pro Backups
APC Pro Backups

APC Newest UPS Backup Batteries Stake Vampire Sucking Peripherals So You Don’t Have To

APC is making sure you're never in trouble during a storm with its new Back-UPS Pro line of UPSs. The uninterrupted power supply makes sure your important documents (read: World of Warcraft game) are safe during a power outage....