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Funnell Combines A Backpack And A Jacket


If you’re somewhere rainy and you have to commute, you know all too well the annoyance that comes from having to lug both a backpack and your jacket, let alone ensure that your jacket covers your backpack so nothing crucial in your bag gets soaked. But what if you could...


The Bluelounge Backpack Can Haul All The Things


While some people will continue to insist on the briefcase, because they enjoy shoulder injuries, most of us have finally admitted that with all the stuff you have to haul around, a backpack is really the best tool for the job, even if it’s just a subwoofer on your back....


Rhino Skin Kevlar Backpack Protects You From Bombs


While we may be a bit nervous sometimes, America is actually a pretty safe place; we don’t have bombs constantly going off in the street, for example. Other countries are not so lucky, which is where the Rhino Skin comes into play. Essentially, it’s a bulletproof vest with a backpack...

One-Person Photography Studio via DIY Backpack Flash jpg

One-Person Photography Studio via DIY Flash Backpack

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When New York-based photographer Ian Spanier was given a photography assignment with no extra cash for an assistant to help with the flash, he decided to turn himself into a one-person photography studio. He created his own backpack studio flash rig from a sturdy LowePro Scope Porter 200 AW birdwatching...

Ghost Buster Proton Backpack

Ghostbuster Proton Backpack


Move over Tron sweatshirt, because the Ghostbuster Proton Backpack has stolen the show.  The rope keeps the would be gun tethered to the main part, for what reason I don’t know, but I guess, if anything, it adds to its authenticity  Thank the Venkman it’s only $40. Read...