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LEGO Back to the Future 2-1

LEGO Back to the Future 2


It’s not secret that we’re partially obsessed with all thing “Back to the Future” –  yes, the movie.  Okay, obsessed is a bit of an overstatement, but we’ve long longed for a pair of those self lacing Nike Shoes and a Hoverboard. [nggallery id=194] But as always, and probably forever...

Delorean Hard Drive

Back To The Future Delorean Replica Hard Drive


There was a time in the 80s that Michael J Fox had to go into hiding because he became so popular from the Back To The Future movies.  While that fame may have fizzled out, the Delorean, an iconic vehicle from the era continues to mystify anyone who saw the...

knob tying shoes

SKCNI Freelock System For Tying Shoes


SKCNI’s Freelock System hails from Korea, and while it’s not exactly an example of self tying wireless shoelaces Back To The Future style, it’s different enough from normal shoelaces for us no notice. The system has a dial that, when turns, tightens or loosens the laces. It takes between one...

Back To The future shoe

Back To The Future 2 Shoes Are Now Real (video)


Remember that real life hover board inspired from the movie Back To The Future 2?  Well, now you can make a pair of complimentary shoes inspired from the same movie.  What, you don’t remember the power laces; the shoes that tightened themselves to Marty’s feet?  Sure, they’re a bit bulky...

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Someone Built An Actual DeLorean Hovercraft (video)


Right after we talked about getting your very own Flux Capacitor, we find a guy who could really use one. A grad student named Matthew Riese has been working two years on a fully functional DeLorean Hovercraft (presumable to be upgraded to a time machine when the technology becomes available)....


Go Back To The Future With Your Very Own Flux Capacitor

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I cannot believe how awesome this is. Entertainment Earth has produced a working replica of the Flux Capacitor from the Back To The Future series. By working, I mean it lights up via a switch thanks to some AA batteries, but you could totally try and see if it actually...

breakfast machine

The Royal College Of Art Develops The Breakfast Machine


If you’ve seen a Wallace and Gromit cartoon lately, chances are you’re familiar with at least something vaguely like what I’m about to point out today–the Breakfast Machine. Breakfast Machines aren’t exactly new.  There was one in the old Pee Wee Herman movies.  Doc Brown had one in Back to...