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The Klax Puts An Axe In Your Pocket


If you’re outdoors for any extended period of time, you need an axe. That’s not just marketing hype, either; axes have been useful tools for humans for thousands of years. Of course, you can’t always just throw an axe into your duffel bag, or you may have weight concerns with...


Vipukirves Is An Ax, But Better


The ax seems like the kind of thing that doesn’t really need any modification. You’ve got a big, heavy, sharp thing on one end; a long, preferably smooth stick with some grip attached to it; and a human to bring it down on a log. But, in truth, we’re always...

Random Gift Guide

Random Holiday Gift Guide 2012 Edition (list)


It’s the holidays, which means gift giving. You’ll hear people espouse the phrase “it’s the thought that counts”.  And while the saying is meant to suggest it doesn’t matter what you give, we see it otherwise.  It’s how much thought you put into that gift, especially if it’s for a...