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Knaxe: Axe with a Knife Hidden in a Magnetic Handle


When the reign of terror besieges your city you’ll wish you had purchased that Gerber Walking Dead Zombie Survival kit.  Okay, we get it.  For most the prospect of spending hundred of dollars on something you probably won’t ever use is not an appealing one.  Well, if you’re penchant for...


M48 Ranger Hawk Axe


Guns, guns, guns.  Sure, they’re abundantly dangerous but everyone knows in the case of an apocalypse machetes, throwing knives, shurikens and axes will be the weapon of choice.  After all, bullets are finite and with the world in complete turmoil and chaos, manufacturing will likely come to a grinding halt. ThinkGeek is staying...

mo-tool axe

Brook & Hunter Premium Mo-Tool Axe


If the Walking Dead Apocalypse Kit is a bit to rich for your blood, perhaps then you’ll prefer this multitool: the Brook & Hunter Premium Mo-Tool Axe. Let’s go ahead and cut to the chase, because it looks more expensive than it actually is.  This convenient multitool costs just $31-33 (price varies...