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Mega Stomp Battle Puts Personal Sound Effects In Hand


As technology advances, there are important areas in which our most tireless scientists are constantly advancing the state of the art. Namely, goofy toys for putative adults, which make money. Like, for example, the Mega Stomp Battle. Smash And Crash The Mega Stomp Battle is a sister product for the...

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Martin Aircraft Is Almost Ready To Sell You A Jetpack


It’s one of the dreams of every nerd who went to go see The Rocketeer; strapping into your own personal jetpack and taking to the skies. While you probably aren’t going to be able to take off from the ground and hit Mach 2 any time soon, the jetpack is,...


Aeroscraft Brings Back The Blimp

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The rigid-frame airship went down in flames as a method of transport back in the 1930s. Literally: The Hindenberg disaster ensured that nobody would get on a blimp except to film a baseball game for years. Now, though, Aeroscraft is on the verge of making the airship economically viable. A...


Lifecap Offers The Ultimate In Gear Protection


If you’re the outdoorsy type, you’ve probably got a few waterproof containers, including one packed with survival gear. While it may seem overkill to bring a canister full of fish hooks and water purification tablets with you on a hike to the woods… well, OK, it is total overkill, but...


Google Adds Mount Fuji To Street View


Mount Fuji is one of the most iconic symbols of Japan, and considered not just a national treasure, but one of the most beautiful spots on Earth. Thanks to the luck of the draw, this formerly active volcano is almost perfectly symmetrical, and is so commonly discussed in poems and...


Squito Might Just Be The Best Throwable Camera


Throwable cameras are important, and not just because it’s a lot of fun to huck a camera at something to see what you can get for a picture. Rescue personnel can use them to get a fuller picture of what’s going on in, say, a collapsed building. Journalists can use...


Awe Inspiring Darth Vader Helmets From The Vader Project

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Who knew Darth could be so damn flamboyant?  In its final year, the four year Vader Project is a ten day exhibition that display’s over 100 re-imagined full scale Darth Vader replica helmets from some of the world’s most notable artists.  These pics are just plain awesome.  After the exhibit...


TaunTaun Sleeping Bags Now Available For Pre-Order (video)

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First appearing as an April Fools Joke, the public reception was so overwhelming that an actual product has made it to production.  Incorporating all the details that Star Wars Fans know and love, this sleeping bag will surely be all the rage this winter. Priced at $100, the Tauntaun Sleeping...