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Project Perception Neuron Brings Motion Capture To The Masses


Motion capture is a popular technology in Hollywood right now. Andy Serkis is in practically every movie you can think of. Video games are loaded with motion capture performances. But you need an enormous studio and a green screen to make that work, right? Wrong! The Edge Of Perception Project...


The “Forever” Lock Is Completely Unpickable (Video)

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One of the problems with locks is that in the long run, they’re fairly easy to open if you know what you’re doing. That’s especially problematic for cyclists, who often find themselves short a bike when a quick picker is in the area. The “Forever” Lock is built to stop...


The Power Box Pedal Generator Fits In Your Backpack


It’s one of the little annoyances of camping; you don’t have any handy outlets to charge things with. You can bring a massive battery, but those only last so long, and when it comes to weight, that’s not exactly a camping-friendly solution. Hence, the Power Box is here as a...

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Stamp Yo Face Immortalizes Your Face In Rubber


There are many technologies that advancing electronics and human progress have left behind, and one of them is the humble stamp. Just a carved piece of rubber, glued to some wood, true, but the stamp was once highly useful. And it might be again, now that Stamp Yo Face is...


AllCast Returns To Chromecast


Chromecast is Google’s bid to take over your TV, of course, and Google keeps improving it. One of the most interesting stories, though, is not what’s coming to Chromecast, but what’s coming back. Yep, Chromecast has gotten back a beloved app, thanks to the SDK. Love Lost Among The ‘Casts...