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Marvel’s Avengers is Now Streaming on Netflix


Hmm, some how I missed the fact that Marvel’s Avengers is now streaming on Netflix.  Yes, streaming, as in not available just for rent on DVD (or Blu-ray). So I was pretty reluctant to see this movie in theaters.  Heck, I thought it was going to be a big pile...

Thor Nightlight

Check Out this Glowing Thor Night Light Hammer


If you thought the Avengers USB sticks were cool, check out this night light, the glowing Thor Night Light. I’m not quite sure how it’s “installed”, but the pics on the product page would have you believe that it easily embeds in your wall.  I think not, and in fact...

LEGO Avengers

LEGO Avengers Life Sized Movie Props (pics)


The “Avengers” movie has come and definitely doesn’t seem to be going anywhere after netting over $200 million in its opening weekend.  In anticipation of the films release – yes, we’re a bit late on these – Ken Robichaud (other wise known as buriedbybricks on Flickr) created these life sized LEGO Avenger...

Avenger USB Stick

The Avengers USB Sticks Smash Movie Memorabilia


The Avengers broke into theaters this past weekend and earned over $200 million, the biggest movie opening in movie history.  The film is directed by true nerd Joss Whedon and is jam packed with action, satire and all the elements that make for a blockbuster (we know, we saw it...