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GlassUp Offers Augmented Reality Glasses That Look Familiar

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Google Glass has, of course, caught the attention of nerds and is starting up a long, possibly complicated, discussion of what’s public and what isn’t when you’re walking around with a camera attached to your face. But if you just want the augmented reality features, and not to be recording...


Canon MREAL Mixed Reality Headset


Canon’s Mixed Reality MREAL headset will be hitting retailers on March 1, 2013 for the pretty steep price of $125,000. The MREAL System for Mixed Reality generates video of one’s surroundings using a pair of cameras positioned in front of the user’s eyes, which is then combined with computer-generated graphics....

Lego Augmented Reality Box

LEGO Launches Augmented Reality Box (video)


LEGOs take hours upon hours, sometime painstakingly, to build.  To help expedite the purchase process – you know, because it’s difficult to see how your erected masterpiece will look while standing in the toy store aisle – the Danish toy manufacturer is working with a company called metaio to roll...