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playGo USB Wireless

playGO USB Wireless Speaker System


There are more than a myriad of options when it comes to wirelessly streaming music to a set of speakers in  your home.  For instance, there is Audioengine.  They provide a simple solution that consists of a USB dongle that plugs into your computer and sends tunes to an accompanying receiver unit....


Gadget Review: Audioengine W2 Wireless iPod Audio Solution

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Earlier this year Audio Engine introduced their first wireless audio solution, the W1. Although the W1 worked flawlessly, it left the iPod crowd salivating for a wireless solution for their coveted MP3 player. Heeding the calls of numerous iPod owners, Audioengine finally released an iPod dockable product: the W2....


Unwire Your iPod With The Audioengine AW2


Hold on to your hat, because Audioengine is about to knock it off with the AW2.  The just released, handy little device plugs directly into your iPod (should work with the iPhone but you might experience some GSM annoyance), is powered by the dock connection and wirelessly transmits CD quality...