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Avtoros Shaman, Because ATVs Need Eight Wheels


Getting across rough terrain isn’t nearly as easy as you might think, especially if you want to do it quickly. Fortunately, some people believe there’s no kill like overkill when it comes to crushing the outdoors beneath your wheels, hence the Avtoros Shaman. All Terrain, Under Your Wheels It starts...


SkyRunner Is The Ultimate Recreational Sports Vehicle (video)

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Get ready to head out on the open road (and air) for lots of adventures when you’re riding around in the SkyRunner! Part all-terrain buggy, part light-aircraft, the recreational sports vehicle features an aggressive design fused with sporty looks and is fitted with thoroughbred aviation technology. Thanks to its lightweight...


Quadski: ATV + Jet Ski (video)


We’re a little bashful to post on this since it hit the blogosphere about 3.5 years ago, but we simply can’t resist a two in one vehicle.  The Quadski is an ATV and Jetski in one.  With a flick of a button it converts from a land traversing machine to...


Kettler Kettquad: Fat Kids Need Not Apply (video)


An expensive kids version of their teen redneck daddy’s ATV, the Kettquad from German company Kettler features pneumatic tires for tackling off-road terrain, a protected enclosed chain drive, no-shift reverse, and disk brakes! Aimed at the 5-12 year old bracket, the Kettquad should hit the states later this year for...