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atari breakout

Play Atari Breakout On Google Image Search


Google is known for its infamous Easter eggs that are found in many of its products and the latest gem found can be their most entertaining yet! So, if you head over to Google Image Search and type in a query for “Atari Breakout,” you’ll be transported to loads of...

Atari Arcade iPad Stick

Atari Arcade iPad Dock


There is no doubt that gaming on the iPad is here to stay.  In fact it’s gotta be the top 3 things people do on the 10-inch device.  So much so that Atari partnered with ThinkGeek, who outsourced to ION, to produce the iCade.  It started as an April Fool’s...


Classic Atari Wall Decals


Last week we showed you the Star Wars Mural, and now we’ve got an equally geeky alternative for household decoration. The Atari Wall Decal sets gives you tons of classic Atari game graphics from the games Pong, Centipede and Asteroids. They’re made out of vinyl stickers, so they’re easily removable...

Atari Lamp

Atari Gaming Console Lamp (video)


Oh, what to do with that old Atari video game console.  Personally, I’d still play the crap out of it.  Sure, the gaming experience would only last for a few minutes, but it’s all about the nostalgia people.  But if playing retro video games isn’t your thing and you don’t...