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AT-AT bookcase

Every Star Wars Fans Needs A Custom AT-AT Bookshelf


No Star Wars fan’s collection would be complete if they didn’t have this amazing and unique custom AT-AT bookshelf made by Etsy shop WhittledInWood. The shop only makes custom-shaped bookshelves and bookcases and this AT-AT one is awesome! You can also select what type of wood you’d like your bookshelf...

AT AT Bookends

Star Wars AT-AT Bookends Are Ready to Attack Your Library


Everything we do is online.  Meaning rarely we we pick up a physical book or a magazine.  Instead, we prefer to consume our media on a computer, iPad, or iPhone (or Android device).  Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop us from indulging in some good old fashion bookends.  Case in point Jabba’s...

AT AT Bed-1

Star Wars Home Made AT-AT Walker Bed


Laying your head to rest every night probably takes place on a boring old mattress and box spring setup.  Sure, it’s functional, but odds are you won’t wake up thinking you’re a little rebel or that you can save the universe from the impending doom of the Darths.  That is unless...

ATAT Computer Case-1

Star Wars Imperial AT-AT Computer Case (pics)


May the 4th (be with you), the yearly celebration of all things Star Wars may have come and gone, but that surely won’t stop you from enjoying this computer case modeled after a Star Wars AT-AT.  Perhaps “modeled” is too much of an understatement.  This computer case is an Imperial...

Star Wars ATAT Liquor Cabinet

Star Wars AT-AT Liquor Cabinet


In our time, all sorts of Star Wars crap has crossed our path.  Yup, there is just an endless array of Lucas inpsired arts and crafts floating around out there.  Pile that on top of the officially licensed gear from the man behind such films at Indiana Jones and many...


StarWars BoomBox AT-AT Land Walker


Okay, so it's probably just a rendering, but you have to admit that the AT-AT Boom Box looks 'bad ass'. It's utilitarian purpose is at like...a zero, but aesthetics alone would warrant the purchase [...]...