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Crealev Lets You Float A Brick On A Pillow


Magnets are amazing, wonderful thing in many, many ways; they drive everything from the computers we use to the power we need to turn them on. But it’s not often that you see magnets applied to art, which is where Crealev comes in. Magnetic Personality It’s actually pretty simple, once...


The Grass Printer Is An Artistic Robotic Lawnmower


As robots become more tightly integrated into our daily lives, we’re going to use them for goofy pursuits. It’s just a matter of human nature: There is nothing we can’t turn into something that amuses us, especially when we build those things. The Grass Printer is arguably a case in...


Meet The Lexus That Can Paint Your Picture


Luxury cars have lots of features that us plebeians will never see on our sad little mid-market vehicles. But this feature, a mixture of art experiment, engineering and, well, ego, is a bit more over the top than most. Meet the Lexus that creates a portrait of you, every time...

Star Wars Chinese Warrior Characters 3

Cool Star Wars Chinese Warrior Characters Art

Chinese art is a fascinating form and now you can find your favorite Star Wars characters dressed up in traditional Chinese warrior clothes thanks to artist Joseph Chiang. Chiang decided he wanted to do a different take on the iconic Star Wars characters and represent them as Chinese warriors using...