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Windows 8

Windows 8 Review: Falsehoods Dispelled and Features Examined


Microsoft’s release of Windows 8 has been fraught with disastrous media renditions of how the operating system is awful, requires too many steps, and is in many ways far worse than the acclaimed Windows 7. But there’s a much deeper story to Windows 8 from my experience with the operating system, and there is...


iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S (comparison)


Thinking of buying a new iPhone 5, even though you still have that iPhone 4S? I can’t blame you. As a 4S owner myself, the same thought has been coursing through my noggin since the new phone was announced last week. But is it really worth it? Let’s take a...


Gadget Rumor: Apple To Acquire ARM Chip Maker For $8 Billion


Like the Borg, Apple likes to conquer and assimilate. The trend continues with rumors that the company is set to purchase chipset maker ARM for a rumored 8 billion dollars US. Remember that the Cambridge, UK based ARM makes the custom, super fast processor housed within the iPad, in addition...


i-Limb: The Real Deal, Bionic Arm (video)


I think there is one phrase to describe the i-Limb: OFF THE CHIZAIN!  Hit the vid for the complete scoop, but I’ve never seen a bionic limb with so much dexterity.  Evan Reynolds, who was the recipient of the device, is able to pick up an egg and even write...