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Push Is The First Fitness Tracker To Track Your Strength


Fitness trackers are pretty popular; strap some sensors to your wrist or ankle, fire up the app, and you can find out how many steps you take and how many calories you’re burning. But there is a pretty crucial missing piece of that equation: Strength. Push is an attempt to...


Blue May Justify Google Glass To Baseball Nerds


A lot of people are excited for Google Glass. I am not among their number; I think it’s going to revolutionize industry and public service, but as a consumer product, meh. It’s the Betamax of personal gadgets. And I don’t really like baseball either, but I’ve got to admit, Blue...


Dryft: A Keyboard That Fits Around Your Fingers


Most of us, these days, are touch typists. Tablet keyboards are decidedly not built for touch typists. Unless that software keyboard happens to be engineered by the team at Swype. Finger Detection The first and most basic idea is actually pretty simple: Dryft is designed to sense when your fingers...

FunTab Pro main

Ematic FunTab Pro Tablet Review


oung children may be smart enough to know how to use a tablet, but how much better if it is it made with the child in mind? And is designed to better suit small hands? That’s where the FunTab Pro comes in. This 7-inch Android-based tablet has an ergonomic shape...


Beddit Uses Sensors To Track Your Sleeping Habits


One of the big ideas in health recently can essentially be boiled down to “covering yourself with sensors to quantify exactly what’s happening to your body at all times.” OK, so maybe that’s not really “boiling it down”, but you get the idea. Just keep an eye out for Fuelbands...

receipt mate

Receiptmate Makes Tax Prep Easy


Getting ready for tax season sucks, especially if you haven’t been saving all your receipts from the year. Trying to find them all can be a headache and you might even miss some important deductions because of it. If you’re always scrambling for last minute receipts, then you need to...


VLC Is Finally Back For iPad and iPhone


VLC is the Swiss Army Knife of video playback. You can throw a lot of video and audio codecs at it, and VLC will just kind of yawn and play back your video quickly and fluidly. If that sounds like something useful for tablets, you’d be correct. Unfortunately, it’s been...


WhatsApp Goes Free… Sorta


WhatsApp is a messaging app designed to get around the rip-off that is text messaging. Yes, text messaging is a rip-off; there is quite literally no cost, whatsoever, to your mobile carrier for sending a text message, so why are you paying them for a “service” they should be giving...


Now You Can Split The Tab With Friends When Using Uber


Sharing a ride with friends has never been easier since Uber has recently introduced fare splitting for multiple passengers, making it it cheaper on your wallet when traveling with your pals. The car-ehailing service has become extremely popular and the new features will be included in the next iPhone and...


Rolomotion Turns Your Apple TV Into A Gaming Console


Apple’s history with gaming has been… less than spectacular, for various reasons. The recent announcement that iOS 7 would support gamepads was both long overdue and a wee bit begrudging, as if Apple resents the idea, and for all the speculation, it seems unlikely the Apple TV will have any...