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21 Best App of 2012

21 of the Best iPhone Apps of 2012


So you finally got a new iPhone for the Holidays? Congratulations! Once you’ve put the phone through the wringer of using FaceTime, invoking Siri, and watching that adorable cat video for the 300th time, you start to wonder what other features and nifty things your new iDevice can do. Here’s...

Redeye Unverisal Remote Review Unit - 1

Redeye Universal Remote Control Review


Is there anything the iPhone can’t do?  Control a car?  No problem.  Feed the hungry?  Just build a successful app and donate the money.  But what about controlling your home theater gear, such as the TV, DVD player or cable box?  Well, now you can thanks to something called the...


Confirmed: Skype iPhone App


According to a Denver Post article, Skype is close to releasing an official iPhone application that will enable VoIP calls.  A few months ago Fring was released, but after some testing I found the app’s VoIP capabilities to be laggy, to say the least.  Unfortunately, Skype hasn’t indicated when the...


iSkoot Brings Skype To T-Mobile’s G1


Wow, that didn’t take long.  Shit, it took over a year for someone to bring Skype to the iPhone and it’s far from flawless. iSkoot for Skype will be available in the Android store starting today. Official release after the ‘leap’...


iPhone Music Synthesizer On It’s Way


Looks like there’s a music synth app for the iPhone just around the corner.  Apparently, you can manipulate tones or music just by changing the orientation of the iPhone (i.e. accelerometer).  I’m sure DJ’s and music weirdos (think Radio Head wanna bes) will be the first to download it. Expect...