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Rumor: Mac Pro Refresh Coming This Summer


Ah, Apple rumors. Gotta love them. After yesterday’s MacBook Air rumblings, we’ve got a new tip today on a refresh of the Mac Pro line that seems a little more plausible. The update would add USB 3.0 support, as well as FireWire 1600 and 3200 ports, which are two specs...

iOS 4.0.1.

iOS 4.0.1 Out Now


Well, it looks like we jumped the gun a bit, as the iOS 4.0.1 update is out now, not tomorrow. Just open up iTunes in either Windows or OSX and sync your phone. It looks like the update doesn’t promise much beyond fixing “the formula” for signal strength display, but...


Rumor: Apple Releasing iPhone 4 Update/Recall Tomorrow?


We’ve all heard plenty about the iPhone 4’s reception issues, but we may get some real resolution tomorrow as Apple holds an iPhone-based press conference. The press conference will do one of three things: announce a nationwide recall (the least likely), announce that a new 4.1 Software Update will solve...


Apple Buys Online Maps Maker Poly9


Apple continues its global domination (or at least, small tech companies) with the acquisition of Poly9, makers of online map apps including 3D views and mapping APIs. The formerly Quebec-based developer has now reportedly relocated most of its employees to Apple’s campus in Cupertino, CA. With this acquisition, will Apple...

Delete Key

Apple Deleting Negative iPhone 4 Forum Posts


We have no way of verifying this report, but apparently Apple forum moderators are deleting posts that pertain to negative press of the iPhone 4.  According to TUAW Apple has deleted up to 6 threads, but thanks to Bing they were still cached after being removed, including one that references...


For The Apple Cult, Turn Your HDTV Into An iPad


Some things cooked up by Apple fans never cease to amaze me. Like this iPad HDTV Decal Kit, from the DarkDesignGroup. You read that right — these are adhesive decals that go on your HDTV and make it look like a supersized iPad. It can work as a gag for...

iPhone 4

Is The iPhone 4 About To Be Recalled?


Be warned, iPhone 4 users — you may have to return your fancy new smartphone soon. MacRumors is reporting that Apple’s “fix” for the iPhone 4 reception issue might not be good enough for either users or a judge, so a nationwide recall is coming. The rumors are hot on...


Ten Bucks Gets You A Universal Remote On Your iPhone (video)


Universal Remotes, like Logitech’s Harmony One, are awesome. But they’re also expensive. Which makes this $10 iPhone dongle that turns your phone into a universal remote very very enticing. Available from Ryz Media, simply download a free app called My TV Remote from the App Store, purchase a $10 dongle...

Toshiba Canvio Mac Hard Drives

Toshiba Releases Mac Friendly Canvio Hard Drives


There couldn’t be a more perfect time for Toshiba to announce their Mac friendly Canvio hard drives.  They’re available in 500GB, 750GB and 1TB sizes and cost $100, $120 and $140 respectively.  Included is Mac compatible backup software, a USB 2.0 port and a shock sensor just in case you...