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Apple’s September 1st Event To Be Music Focused


Today’s earlier post about Apple’s upcoming press conference was a week off (that’s why we call them rumors, folks, even if they’re from a source like Bloomberg). No, today it was officially annoucned that next Wednesday, September 1st will be the date, and it will be focused on music. That...


iPADock: One iPad Dock To Rule Them All


It’s not entirely clear how many Apple products can be docked at once with the iPADock, but from where we stand this appears to be the most robust dock of them all.  It at least has room for two iPads and two iPhone or iPods, whatever your fancy.  To charge...

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Apple Patent Reveals A Touchscreen iMac


A website called PatentlyApple has uncovered, you guessed it, patents for a touchscreen iMac. The patent covers a multi-touch interface for Apple’s all-in-one, including an orientation sensor. Thre’s been rumors of an OSX/iOS combination for a few months now. Of course, this is a patent, so be aware that this...


Is September The Apple iTV Launch Date?


Kevin Rose, Digg’s founder, say’s he has got word that the Apple iTV, which we first heard about earlier this month, will launch sometime in Septemeber and indeed will cost $99. Much like the iPhone and iPad, the iTV will enable consumers to access the vast catalog of Apple apps...