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BulletTrain Desktop Keyboard

Aluminum Enclosure For Apple Bluetooth Keyboard


The BulletTrain Express emulates, and tries to improve on the MacBook Pro’s keyboard feel. It’s an all aluminum ‘case’ that fits the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and the Magic TrackPad. Is it worth $99, when, essentially, it does nothing more than stand there and look sort of, debatably, pretty? Its makers...

iSeeu Mirror for iPhone

iSeeU FaceTime Accessory For iPhone 3GS (video)


Korean company Playmass is the maker of a useful little accessory for the iPhone 3GS. Called iSeeU, it will let iPhone 3GS users make video calls without looking at the back of their smartphone, put simply – like the iPhone 4’s FaceTime feature. Lacking a front facing camera, the 3GS...


Breppie Covers For iPhone and iPod Earphones


Breppie Earphone Covers come in a wide array of colors and shapes meant to personalize (glitterize?) your Apple earphones. But that’s not their only purpose. Breppie covers help the earphones fit better in your ear and keeps them there securely, while keeping moisture, dirt and dust away from the internal...

Facetime Mac OS X

Facetime Calling Coming To Mac OS X


Finally!  You can now make and receive calls on the Mac using Apple’s Facetime talk.  So now iPhone 4 users can finally call someone using the tech.  Apple says they’re releasing a beta version of the software today. You can grab it at We’re assuming this nomenclature will be...


Bad Elf GPS Dongle For iPod and iPad Car Glory


Often when I find myself driving frantically through an unknown city, chased by unknown cars, I say to myself ‘Boy I wish I had some unknown dongle to plug into my iPad or iPod, and it would instantly give me GPS capabilities so I could find my way out of...

Atomic Live NYC

Rock Band Rocks iPhones In The Subway


It’s either a cruel world where struggling musicians get their instruments stolen, or a complex post-modern world where smart musicians market themselves using the iPhone. Doesn’t matter, whether or not New York City rock band “Atomic Tom” had their instruments stolen, this is a good video of them performing their...

Solidmicro iPad Case

iPad Battery Case Provides Two Fold Of Power


We’ve seen like a gazillion cases for the iPhone that double as a battery pack.  But now that SolidMicro’s iPad Battery Pack has been brought to our attention we can’t think of a comparable product. By this point you’ve probably figured it out: it’s a case that fits around the...

etch a sketch

Headcase Should Really Send Eddie Murphy An Etch A Sketch iPad Case


If anybody should own one of Headcase’s Etch a Sketch iPad cases, it’s Eddie Murphy. It just suits his casually and childishly obsessive nature, he would surely fiddle with the two white functionless dials until everyone around him believed they do indeed serve some purpose. He would fiddle with them...