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Bluelounge Kii-0391

Bluelounge Kii Review


In this era of ultraportables, smartphones, and minimalism, carrying more around is passe. Doing so defeats the whole purpose of simplicity, and at least for me, it’s a burden that we should be able to get rid of entirely. Great products like the Wally Case help make that a reality...

Macbook Air

New Apple Macbook Airs Expected to Launch Tomorrow


Last week, there was rumor floating all over the internet that Apple will launch new Macbook Airs this week. According to a new report, Apple will launch the updated Macbook Airs as early as tomorrow. The folks at 9to5Mac mention the stock of the updated Macbook Airs have started arriving...

Bluelounge Sanctuary4-0395

Bluelounge Sanctuary4 Review


These days, we all have multiple smart devices. Smartphone, tablet, media player, portable game console, wearable…something that plugs in via USB. Some of us share space with roommates and family with their own devices. And keeping all of these devices charged and organized is an under-appreciated problem. The Sanctuary4 is...


You Can Finally Send You iPhone 5 In For Repairs


The iPhone 5 is an enormously popular device, just like every other Apple product. But, unlike most Apple products, a defect snuck into the assembly line and made the sleep button a bit… touchy. Now, you can get it fixed… provided you qualify. Sleep. No, Seriously, Go To Sleep, iPhone....


Apple Rumored To Launch New Macbook Airs Next Week


If you’re in the market for a new Macbook Air, we suggest you should wait for a week or so as a new report from MacGeneration suggests Apple may launch its updated Macbook Air line up next week. The news came from a French blog MacGeneration, who mentioned 11-inch and...