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Apple Watch Now Works with August Smart Lock


Certain types of smartwatch compatibility just make sense, and Apple is on a great track here by announcing compatibility with the August smartlock. If you’re behind on the smartlock trend, these are locks that you can manage with your smartphone via Bluetooth and wireless connections. They let you do nifty...


NuDock Lets You Charge Your Apple Watch With Style


If you bought an Apple Watch, you now have a problem: Where to charge it? While Apple has gone wireless, that still means you’ve got one more charger to add to your ever-growing pile of charger clutter. The NuDock desk lamp, though, not only clears up the clutter, it also...

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Native Union’s Apple Watch Dock Is Very Fancy


Native Union has created a minimalist charging dock for the Apple Watch, and it looks very fancy. The dock is made of matt graphite silicone and aircraft grade aluminium, giving it the high quality edge that perfectly complements the high-end watch. You can pre-order it now (it arrives sometime in August) on...


WatchStand Automatically Charges Your Apple Watch


With the Apple Watch coming out next month, it’s no surprise that businesses are already lining up to offer accessories and other money-making accouterments for Apple fans. Griffin has a head start on many with its WatchStand, an upcoming practical answer to one of the biggest flaws the iWatch has....

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Microsoft Band to Go on Sale in UK


Microsoft may be anticipating the arrival of the Apple Watch next month with its latest move: It has just started selling its wearable Microsoft Band overseas in the UK. The Band is available via UK web order on common sites like Amazon, Best Buy and Target. However, more down-to-earth UK...


Apple iWatch Release Date & Top 7 Features


The Apple Watch has at last been announced, encouraging people everywhere to take stock of their wrists and decide if they want to adopt yet another addition to the Apple pantheon. Make no mistake, the Watch is huge step for Apple – but do you want to buy one? Here...


Apple Watch Increases Product Capacity: Due in January


After a pause for technical difficulties, it looks like the Apple Watch project is back up and running. Both G for Games and the Taiwanese United Daily News have reported that problems with manufacturing Apple Watch components have been fixed and that product is scheduled to pick up in early...


The Apple Watch Already Has A Custom Wood Charging Stand


The Apple Watch has barely been announced, and it hasn’t even come out yet, but that’s not stopping accessories designers from trying to get in on the action on the ground floor. Either that, or Dodocase is even more excited for the Apple Watch than most people, because they already...


Everything You Need to Know About The Apple Watch (list)


Apple finally released their much awaited wearable device, the Apple Watch, out Tuesday. The smartwatch is company’s first venture in the wearable industry, which has seen its fair share of rumors in the past few months. Previously, it was set to break covers in October, but it seems the plans...