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Apple store crash-1

Man Drives Sedan into an Apple Store


Cars drive through and into stuff everyday.  So why all the hoopla when it happens to an Apple store?  Because it’s an Apple store.  Why else.  Fans of the brand, or haters, would probably like to think there is a greater conspiracy or story than meets the eye.  Such as...


Mac App Store Opens January 6th – Save Your Holiday Money


Going live Thursday January 6th 2011, the Mac App Store will be for everyone running Mac OS X Snow Leopard, and not for those attending the Consumer Electronics Show that opens the same day. Apple does love a good scrap every now and then – and more and more often...


Apple’s New Friend Bar Helps Nerds Feel Special (video)


The Onion News has an exclusive scoop on Apple’s latest retail creation, the Friend Bar. The Friend Bar is specially designed to help frustrated friends and partners who tire of hearing the latest Apple or gadget blog news over and over. Check out the video to see the scoop for...