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Apple Acquires Locationary


Apple has recently acquired the Toronto-based Locationary, which is a crowdsourced location data company. Just last year, its CEO Grant Ritchie wrote an article for TechCrunch about Apple’s challenges as it builds its new mapping service and now Locationary will be helping Apple overcome those said challenges. The acquisition is said...

Google Maps vs Apple Maps_featured

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps iOS (comparison)


Now that Google Maps for iOS is out after a brief 3-month hiatus, millions have downloaded it with anticipation. But is it better than the built-in Apple Maps app that every iPhone 5 and now all iOS 6 devices come paired with? And if so, how? You might think “absolutely,...

iOS Map Alternatives

14 Alternative Map Apps for iOS 6 (list)


Many are not happy with iOS 6 Maps that replaced Google Maps from the previous operating system.  Many consider it to be the weakest map app of all the iOS updates. It’s basically dependent on third party apps for the region you’re in, which can range from pretty good to...